Future-proof your career and become irreplaceable

Today’s skills will be obsolete tomorrow.
The only skill that can keep you ahead of the curve is your ability to innovate. Are you ready to level up your innovation skills?

Next cohort starts Summer 2024

What you’ll get

4 Masterclass certificate courses
Learn practical innovation methods
Become a Design Sprint specialist
Learn how to apply design thinking
Access a Toolkit with over 100 resources
Demystify and learn design thinking and innovation ideas and concepts

Watch, Practice, Apply

Online learning is just the beginning.
The real magic happens when you practice what you’ve learned.

Learn with Video Lessons

Learn new concepts in short, engaging video lessons, dive deeper in your learner guide, and follow action prompts to put your learnings into action.

People behind computer learning
Man following a live session on a laptop

Practice in Live Lessons

Apply what you learned in a low-risk, high-feedback environment alongside your cohort and with coaches who are eager to support you.

Collaborate with Your Peers

Join learners in a dedicated alumni group where you can reflect on what you’ve learned, share experiences and feedback, and engage in a community of like-minded innovators.

Group of people working together behind computer
People behind a computer looking at the 'How to Run a Design Sprint' resource

Apply the Toolkit Resources

The program includes access to our Toolkit, a curated collection of fit-for-purpose innovation tools and templates to make application fast and easy.

Celebrate Your Achievements

Receive your certification on completion. Share it internally or online to be recognized as someone serious about innovation.

A happy woman with a certificate of completion

Program Levels

Learning Mindset Level


Do Your Best Work, Faster!

Create a commitment to developing personal and core skills, with immediate boosts to your productivity and practice.

1 Module

Foundational Level


Accelerating Innovation

Understand the foundational principles of design thinking and innovation and how to apply them in your day-to-day work to problem solve, optimize, and innovate faster.

6 Modules

Innovation Facilitator

Collaborate, discuss, and make decisions more constructively in groups. Elevate creativity, inclusion, and productivity while reducing conflict, contagion, and stagnation.

6 Modules

Specialist Level


Design Sprint

Master the Design Sprint process in detail and become an expert Design Sprint facilitator with the Official AJ&Smart Design Sprint Masterclass.

14 Modules

DIY Workshop Design

Learn proven techniques for designing your own workshops to consistently boost collaboration and target specific challenges.

5 Modules

We Designed This Program for You

We created this program to be accessible to anyone who wants to level up their innovation skills and benefit from applied design thinking, user-centered design approaches, and applied innovation practices, regardless of their role or title.

Product Teams
Design Teams
L&D Teams
Engineering Teams
Operational Teams
Cross-Functional Teams
Technology Teams
Rapidly Growing Teams
Newly Formed Teams

What Learners Say About the Program

The practice sessions were incredible! It’s a really valuable and great place to safely practice facilitating workshops.
I’ve never encountered more kind, open, collaborative humans who have a passion for sharing all of their knowledge.
Eito has helped my team find their rhythm, and I can’t wait for more folks at [my organization] to experience the lessons as well.
Hands-down the BEST professional training I’ve ever received. I wish I had learned these topics earlier in my career.
I really like how easy it is to start putting the learnings immediately into practice in your day to day job.
The lessons were universally engaging and accessible, and the live events were well-organized and gave ample time for practice.

Cohort Study Plan

Unsure about whether you can make time for the program? Take a look at the upcoming cohorts study plan!

Download Study Plan

Study in as little as 2–4 hours per week! Take a look at the upcoming cohort study plan.

Learn with the Best

The Enterprise Innovation Toolkit Program has been designed and created by experts that train some of the most forward-thinking organizations in successfully applying mindsets, methods, and tools for collaboration and innovation.

Our Promise to You

We’ve created an unparalleled training that gives you skills that are needed right now and for tomorrow. We’ve presented the training in a fun, light, engaging, easy to digest, and super practical way. We support you with live coaching events to give the whole experience structure so that you’ll enjoy it.

What you learn is proven, world-class, and will help you do your best work faster and more enjoyably. We will personally coach you through the learning so that you have the confidence to apply what you learn and advance your career.

Frequently Asked Questions

Program Benefits

This program is different for three reasons. First, most enterprise training programs consist of just one of these three elements: online learning, hands-on coaching, or tools and assets. This program encompasses and blends all three. Second, it’s designed and delivered by one of the world’s leading product, design, and innovation firms. Third, the program is is designed to train whole teams collectively to build up capabilities quickly within organizations, so it’s not just a singular individual that benefits, but whole teams and functions.
Participants of the program learn to apply a Design Thinking mindset and practices to day-to-day work - both as indiviuals and as a team. They learn to apply innovation practices to their daily individual and team work. And they learn how to be more productive, they learn facilitation as a core-skill, how to run more effective meetings, how to run Design Sprints, and how to create their own workshops and processes for more innovative outcomes.
After learners graduate from the program, they retain indefinite access to the program’s Toolkit repository of tools and teamplates, course content and future updates. New content and tools are constanly be added to the program and they will recieve those updates as they come.

Learning Experience

See your the upcoming cohort’s study guide for more detail on duration, time commitment, and schedule of the live events.
Hands-on Coaching Events are a core component of the program. In these events, each learner has the opportunity to apply and practice what they learned, and benefit from observing other learners and the program coaches’ feedback and insights.
Because some of the courses build on others, we recommend that learners start with the foundational masterclasses first before moving on to specialist masterclasses. However, it’s possible to take any of the specialist masterclasses without completing the foundational ones first. See the study guide for more details on the program for your organization.
The program is delivered by Eito’s Senior Consultants. These are the same people that run consulting projects for some of the worlds most innovative brands, so you can be confident you are learning from experts.

Program Audience

We created this program to be acccessible to anyone, any function, who wants to level up innovation skills and benefit from applied design thinking, usercentered design approaches, and applied innovation practices - regardless of their role or title. We have successfully trained learners from product, design, L&D, engineering, operational, technology and cross-functional teams.

Program Delivery

The independent learning component of the program is hosted and delivered by Eito and can be accessed through any internet browser. Group calls for live practice events can run on either Zoom, Teams, or Webex. For collaborative work, we use either Miro or Mural.
No! The program is available worldwide and can accommodate learners in all timezones.
Eito Senior Consultants and a Program Lead will be available throughout the program, and, upon graduation, learners will have exclusive Linkedin community access to our Senior Consultants through live Ask Me Anythings.

Next Steps

No, you can’t buy access to individual masterclasses. The entire program consists of different masterclasses that build on each other.
This will not cost you anything. Liscenses have already been purchased by your company, and will be used by interested learners.
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